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Business Listings

2198 HWY 17, Phelps WI 54554

Boat storage business available just up STH 17 from North...Read More→


430 Hwy 70, St Germain, WI 54558

Ready for your next investment? Take a look at this...Read More→


McGann's Pub & Wine Café 5461 Park Street Boulder Junction, WI 54512

McGanns Pub & Wine Café -Boulder Junction is a destination,...Read More→


667 Hwy 45, Eagle River, WI 54521

Established Convenience Store Business with a 4 bd/3 bath home...Read More→


2275 Hwy 17, Phelps, WI 54554

This downtown Phelps property offers 10,500 sf of commercial opportunity!...Read More→


Whole 4412 Wall St, Eagle River, WI 54521

Here’s a commercial investment opportunity of a lifetime! A commercial...Read More→


115 South Third St. Eagle River, WI 54521

This Historical Building has been refurbished and suited for many...Read More→


4412 Wall St, Eagle River, WI 54521

Talk about LOCATION – LOCATION – LOCATION! Where can you...Read More→


223 S Railroad St, Eagle River, WI 54521

This profitable, fully functioning SERVICE STATION has stood the test...Read More→


5375 WI HWY 17, Russel, WI 54435

One of the best forested parcels you’ll find these days...Read More→


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